[a short piece for an event in Hong Kong that asked us to imagine a theatre underwater]

The auditorium is almost totally dark
And nearly empty

Apart from the whale
cratered flesh floating in murky grey water
whale-shaped darkness looming over
decaying red velvet seats

She swims in circles
through the gaping proscenium jaw
along the barnacled dress circle
and as she swims
she sings

She sings Memory
She sings On My Own
She sings I Could Have Danced All Night
She sings You’ll Never Walk Alone
She sings What A Wonderful World
She sings I’ll Be Your Mirror
She sings Where Have All The Flowers Gone

She sings in the almost darkness
An elegy
A requiem
A memory of all the people who were once here
And their sad songs
and their love songs
and their dress circle
and their beautiful red velvet seats

And when she has finished singing
she pauses for a moment
to consider the passing of time

she imagines the world as it once probably was
and then exits via the loading the bay
to join the others