In 2014 I created a project called Agreements, for two projects in London at Ovalhouse and Shoreditch Town hall. As described at the time, the project was a ‘series of contracts binding two friends or strangers into a commitment to perform a pre-determined action together at a specific point in the relatively near future. Should either of the two people fail to perform their part of action, the agreement outlines the costs they will be liable for.’

Today I received this email confirming that at least one of the agreements made had been fulfilled.

Message: Dear Andy,

We attended Nigel & Louise\’s Basement Grotto event in Shoreditch Town hall way back when in 2014. We participated in your Agreements event and are delighted to inform you that yesterday, the third day of the first heatwave of 2016, we fulfilled the terms of the contract we signed. We both met at at the east side of Regent\’s Park with a 4 pack of beer, a packet of cigarettes and a Velvet Underground playlist (via youtube on an iPhone). We found a mutually agreed location and drank the beer, smoked the cigarettes and danced to the Velvet Underground (including the track, Oh Sweet Nuthin\’) until the sun went down.
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hopefully will participate in another of your projects soon.
Kind Regards,
Ian & Zivile