When he wore his hair long at the Top Rank Suite in Sunderland
When he met Marlene Dietrich at Oxford Polytechnic
When he played for one million people at The Playhouse in Harlow
When he told us about Friedrich Nietzsche and Dexter Wansel at Slough Technical College
When we wore matching white suits at the Toby Jug in Tolworth
When he sang with Freddie Mercury at Chelsea Village in Bournemouth
When we drove through the desert at Chichester College
When he became a film star at Assembly Hall in Worthing
When he faked his own death at Wallington Public Hall
When he disappeared at University Rag in Sheffield
When he watched us through a limousine window at Aberystwyth University
When we watched the Velvet Underground at Southampton Civic Centre
When he lost himself to cocaine psychosis at Southsea Pier Pavilion
When the machinery broke down at St George’s Hall in Bradford
When we became heroes at the the Guildhall in Preston
When he drove in circles till he ran out of petrol at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle
When we walked through ruined cities at the Greyhound in Croydon
When he fell to earth at the Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield
When he rose like Lazarus at Birmingham Town Hall
When he posed for the cameras at Brighton Dome
When he lived through it at Yeovil College
When we stared into the future at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion